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what is branding?

Your brand is what your prospects think of when they hear/see your brand name. It is a sum of the public perspective and perception of your brand promise - the big picture to the market around you. Your branding is your voice in a often crowded market.

To be noticed, you must stand out. To stand out, you need a designer. Click here to contact us.

what sort of budget do i need?

For brand design packages, you'll need a starting budget of around $3300incGST, while our full packages range from $7700incGST onwards. As all businesses and all stages of business are different, a free brand consultation should be booked so Creativore can provide a customised quote for services or products. Logo design starts from from $1870incGST for a standard logo design. Click to download our Studio + Brand Investment pdf.

do you use free fonts?

Emphatic NO. We only use commercial use fonts with our clients. These fonts are purchased for use in our studio only. If you wish to obtain a copy of the font for yourself, you can contact us for a link to purchase directly from the Typographer or a Commercial Font website. Some of our fonts are valued at $800, so if we tell you a $70 font is cheap... you can take our word for it. Have a look here, here, here and here at some of the World's most talented typographers - some of whom might just build your new brand font. Imagine that.

what time-frame should i expect for a logo design?

We pride ourselves on being flexible and accommodating for our clients however, to produce a effective logo design; it is more efficient to design it in set stages and blocks of sufficient time conducive to creative thinking and staged outcomes. Standard logo designs can take up to 16 hours to create, whilst Complex logo designs can take up to 35 hours... And that's one reason our logo's aren't $100. Logo designs take between 2-3 weeks as a standard. We can accomodate shorter timeframes, as required.

what formats do I receive my logo in?

All our clients receive their final logo file in the following file formats: .pdf, .eps (full colour/spot colour/rgb/greyscale converted), .eps for embroidery (if specified in the initial brief), .jpg (full colour: high + web resolution @ A5 + 150mmW respectively/greyscale or black-(if specified in the initial brief))

do I get a brand guideline when i buy a logo?

Brand Guidelines are only supplied if requested and specified in your quote. A comprehensive brand guide can take up to 8 hours to complete and are not typically factored into logo design quotes.

is your design team qualified?

We certainly are - with full trade qualifications, teacher and tutoring experience at a Nationally Accredited Diploma level and well over a decade of experience EACH. It's not our first time around the block, you're in capable creative hands.


do i own the logo on payment?

Well technically, no... Creativore, as the creator retains copyright indefinitely. We do however, hand-over all usage rights for the logo to our clients for indefinite use upon full payment. Have a look at some of our logo designs here or learn more about our logo design process here. Please note that we do not accept royalty based payment schemes unless otherwise specified in a contract.

can i use vistaprint?

In short, yes, but we won't. We have our base of trade professionals and this includes our printers. We do not advocate for cheap services, as these products are unprofessional and very low value for money. Creativore will not put our name to such products.

can i use my own printer?

Of course you can! We also offer a print management service, utilising our trade price agreements to offset the cost of the having us manage the entire project from design-to-delivery. Learn more here.

do i own all the images on payment?

Well actually, no.... Again. Creativore, as the creator retains copyright indefinitely. We keep all working files as proof of concept and process - these are not handed over to clients. Project final flattened files are the property of the client. Head to the Australian Copyright Council website for more information.

can i use images from the internet for printing?

Web images are 72ppi (72 pixels per inch) and printing is 300ppi. Big difference. We CAN technically use them, but they will be over 4 times smaller than you think, reprocessed, recoverted and recycled through conversions and compression again. Aside from those facts, it is likely a breach of someone's hard earned copyright and well... Well basically, we're not using them.

We do have good news though - we have our own commercial use stock image library and a unfettered access to an industry leading marketplace for commercial use, high-quality stock images AND (yep, there's more...) talented contacts in the glitzy world of photography that can capture and create unique and professional photography for you and you alone.